Our Policy

    • Send me your original photos, and a description of what you would like done. I will email you with a price to complete the work.
      (If you would rather scan the photo and send me the scanned image for an estimate, that would be fine. However, I still want to scan the original photo myself to do the work.)


    • Once we have agreed on a price, I will scan your photos, do the desired enhancements, and email you an example of the results.


    • If you do not like the results, I will simply return your original photo at no charge.


    • If you do like the results, I will give you an address to send a check or money order, and I will mail the photos (including your original) to you.


  • Photos will be mailed using USPS Priority Mail at Priority Mail rates – typically about $5.00 to $7.00 per package (inside the continental United States).